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Hail Thee God and King

Hail Thee God and King

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By Alexander Brown

Hail Thee, God and King is a fantasy novel set in the magical world of Iteric, where the Marshal of Iteric, Meagher Bronzestaff, is tasked with maintaining the country's well-being in the absence of the King. When Meagher encounters sorcerous murder and the inexplicable return of a banished beast, he sets out on a journey to seek answers. As he travels through Iteric, he meets unique characters and explores diverse lands, revealing the rich magic and virtue of the world. However, his journey leads him to Port Warpwood, a place where truth and lies have switched places, and the inhabitants harbor malice towards goodness and beauty. Marshal Meagher must decide where he stands in the face of a grand assault against the King. While duty-bound to defend the realm, he faces his own temptations, failings, and the difficulty of serving a King he cannot see. The story explores themes of magic, philosophy, warfare, and mystery, ultimately asking the question, "what is the price of faith?"

Alex Brown

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"Let me be the first to say it:  Hail Thee, God and King is a Tolkienesque work. Replete with bards, beasts, and battles, the book is both charming and enlightening, a riveting tale well told. 

Alexander Brown wields his pen as an artist wields his brush, creating landscapes and settings that envelop the reader like a dimensional period painting. His dialogue is clever but believable, his dialects redolent of Middle Earth. 

While Hail Thee God & King is almost quaint in its full hearted espousal of truth and beauty, it tells a tale so engaging that even the most dispassionate reader will likely find himself yearning to take up arms in defense of virtue. 

Hail Thee God and King sets itself apart from modern fantasy literature in its forthright portrayal of good as good, and evil as evil. It could have been of Alexander Brown himself that the Marshal of Iteric said, “This man had the wisdom of ages living in humble simplicity."

— Celeste Behe (Blogger, The National Catholic RegisterRecipient, Catholic Media Association "Best Family Life Column," The Catholic Storyteller)


Page Count: 538

Format: Paperback

Size: Pocket Book (4.25 x 6.875)

ISBN: 978-1-960729-00-2

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